About Us

Integrity Gaming offers a complete suite of products and services that cater to every aspect of the gaming industry.  Their success is built on a simple ideal, to provide an unexpected level of customer service.  This emphasis on service has elevated Integrity Gaming's relationship with its customers from product vendor to strategic partner. 


Their commitment to service has grown Integrity gaming from a supplier of bingo paper to consulting on the construction, security, operations and gaming supplies for the largest Native American Casinos.  Their diversified offerings position Integrity Gaming for continued growth in the ever changing gaming market. 


Founded in 1997, Integrity Gaming's top management has over 60 years experience in the gaming industry.  This experience provides the insight to not only provide world class service to their current customers, but to also anticipate and influence upcoming changes.  Their focus on today with instincts for tomorrow make Integrity Gaming a strategic partner to the continued growth of the gaming industry.

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